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A $100.00 deposit will be required for any trip you reserve. At that time your selected date will be held for you. Trip rates are based on 3 people
You are also able to forfeit your reserved date 7 days before the day of the trip. If you cancel the trip within 7 days of the trip you will forfeit your deposit.

The remainder of your balance will be paid the day of the trip by CASH, personal CHECK, Debit/ Credit Card or Paypal.

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Things to know

I provide- licensing for all clients, a large cooler with ice. All bait & tackle. Rods, reels and safety equipment.

Recommended items to bring- Sunscreen, Sunglasses, Food/ Drinks, Hat, Camera, non-marking shoes.
What not to bring on boat- Spray sunscreen
Alcohol is allowed on the boat (beer and wine) If possible please bring cans over glass bottles.
Please no hard liquor, Firearms or GPS

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Backcountry Fishing

When booking a backcountry fishing charter you will be fishing the pristine flats and mangrove lined shorelines in Charlotte Harbor and the surrounding waters. We will be targeting snook, redfish, and trout depending on the time of year  When backcountry fishing the species you may encounter vary because Southwest Florida inshore waters are so diverse. When booking a backcountry trip just ask the captain what is biting for best results

4 Hours- $400           6 Hours- $500

8 Hours- $600

Nearshore Fishing

When booking a nearshore trip, you will travel to the clear and abundant waters surronding Boca Grande and Charlotte Harbor. We will be targeting Snapper, Grouper, Tripletail, Cobia and Mackrel depending on the time of year. When Nearshore fishing in Southwest Florida we travel upwards of 9 miles from land to search for wrecks, rocks and other structure in where these fish find refuge. When booking a Nearshore trip ask the Captain what is biting. This trip tends to yeild the most "groceries" for you to take home.

4 Hours- $450          6 Hours- $600

8 Hours- $800

Tarpon Fishing

Tarpon Fishing in Boca Grande is an experience that you can not find anywhere else. Every spring hundreds of thousands of Tarpon migrate to the beaches and passes surrounding the Boca Grande area. The action which you experience in the pass is unlike anything you have ever experienced. All day long you see fish rolling and jumping. The most common and efficient method for tarpon fishing in Boca Grande is sight casting to rolling fish (fish that are coming up to the surface to gulp air) with a spinning rod and live bait. Tarpon Fishing runs from April- October

6 Hours- $700          8 Hours- $800

10 Hours- $1100

extreme Fishing

This trip will give you the   
Opportunity to wrestle with the beast that roam the waters of Southwest Florida. On this trip we Target Sharks of various species and the massive and endangered fish called the Goliath Grouper. It is not uncommon to catch Goliath Grouper weighing upwards of 500lbs! This trip requires us to use large baits such as live fish, Stingray and large chucks of dead bait. So grab your buddies because you will need someone to hold you in the boat!

6 hours- $600
Shark Fishing

This trip will take you on an adventure to catch the toothy critters that inhabit Boca Grande and the surronding waters. On this trip we will be using heavy and light tackle, live, cut and dead baits to catch the attention of the sharks. We will start the day by catching bait using rod and reel, castnet or bow and arrow. Commons sharks we catch are Blacktips, Lemon, Bulls, Hammerhead, Spinner, Nurse and an occasional sawfish.

6 Hours- $600