Punta Gorda Fishing Charters

Punta Gorda is a historic area along the west coast of Florida. Punta Gorda offers some of the best inshore and back country fishing in Florida hands down. Some of the biggest red fish tournaments are held here, TV shows filmed, and it is the home for many Professional anglers. Vast grass flats, oyster beds, mangrove shoreline and more provide food and protection to a variety of species including Redfish Trout Snook Flounder Cobia and more.

Punta Gorda Fishing Rates
Inshore/ Backcountry
4 Hours- $375
6 Hours- $500
8 Hours- $600
Full Day- $800

History Of Punta Gorda 
The city of Punta Gorda is a historic town that lies along beautiful Charlotte Harbor. Streets lined with huge royal palms, beautifully restored period homes with wide verandas, brick lanes, street lamps and benches leave an almost tangible old-Florida atmosphere. Nearly everything is waterfront here from hotels and shopping to parks and fine dining.
In 2004, Hurricane Charley plowed right up Charlotte Harbor, with the eye passing directly over Punta Gorda.  The town was extremely hard hit.  Since then, Punta Gorda has set the standard on recovery.  While repairing and rebuilding, Punta Gorda was vigilant in preserving historical aspects of the town.  
The small city is one of the most bicycle friendly towns in the U.S.  With bike paths connecting nearly all of the city, and a climate that screams to be outdoors, many residents make bicycles their go-to mode of transportation. 
Punta Gorda means ‘fat point’. It is a perfect description of our small town, which protrudes out into the water where Charlotte Harbor and the Peace River meet. Yet, in the late 19thcentury, Punta Gorda was named “Trabue.”
Isaac Trabue was an attorney from Kentucky. In 1883, Trabue came to the Charlotte Harbor area to start his own town. At the time, the Native Americans had long called the area Punta Gorda. However, after purchasing 30 acres from a homesteader, Trabue decided his own name would serve the town better.
While some believe Trabue sought out a simpler way of life, many people believed the town of Trabue to be a haven for bums and criminals. All of that changed when the Florida Southern Railroad came to town in August of 1886. Trabue became a town where men could find jobs and prosper.