Englewood Fishing Charters

Englewood is a quite fishing community along the west coast of Florida. Englewood is most known for its beaches and restaurants. As for fishing Englewood offers a variety of species such as Redfish, Snook, Tarpon, Flounder, Trout, Snapper and more. Englewood offers great backcountry fishing due to its vast flats and mangrove shorelines. It is also protected on both sides by land which keeps the winds to a minimum.

Englewood Fishing Rates

Inshore/ Backcountry
4 Hours- $375
6 Hours- $500
8 Hours- $600
Full Day- $800

History Of Englewood 
Englewood, a picturesque community shared by both Sarasota and Charlotte counties, is home to beautiful beaches, several hidden islands, nature parks, cultural events and more. Manasota Key, one of Englewood’s barrier islands, is a peaceful 7-mile stretch of the most pristine and natural beaches in the area, including Englewood Beach, Manasota Beach, Stump Pass Beach and Blind Pass Beach. The winding drive through Manasota Key will lead you along a quaint path of 50’s-style beach homes and unspoiled mangroves – all leading to a breathtaking view of the Gulf of Mexico.
Needless to say, there’s always something to do in this unique waterfront community. Where few buildings reach a maximum of three or four stories, serene, undisturbed atmosphere is sure to create lasting memories.
In 1896 the original platt for the town of Englewood was recorded by the three Nichols brothers. They had purchased almost 2,000 acres bordering on Lemon Bay 
Englewood was to be a thriving Florida “grove town”. The Nichols brothers aimed for a lemon growing area since lemons were in high demand for treating scurvy and influenza, both serious health threats at the time
Severe back-to-back freezes killed all the immature lemon trees that had been planted. The lowest temperature recorded was 14 degrees.
With the failure of the groves the Nichols brothers quickly changed their plans and started promoting Englewood as a resort area featuring excellent hunting, fishing and water activities. Englewood became one of the first winter resort spots in Florida.
The Nichols built a beautiful upscale hotel complete with a ballroom overlooking Lemon Bay catering to wealthy and adventurous tourists.